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In the summer of 2016, The Pledge Group Foundation decided to join forces with a Bay Area community outreach program known as the Midnight Kids Academy. Together, we shared a common goal of bringing more exposure to the positive impact the arts can have on urban communities and the ways in which we can use creativity to reconnect with our youth.

Started in 2007 as a place for young, independent artists to collaborate, the Midnight Kids Academy has quickly turned into one of the more notable community initiatives in the Oakland area. The Academy, warmly known among its members as 'The Mystery School of Art' provides a unique, creative outlet for inner-city youths to develop their artistic abilities as well as showcase their talents.

The Midnight Kids Showcase - As step one in their journey from emerging nonprofit to registered charity, The Midnight Kids Academy is looking to host a Charity Art Show in Downtown Oakland to raise funding and awareness for urban arts in the Bay Area.

The showcase which will feature artwork curated by award winning artist Jakob Dwight from more than twenty independent photographers, painters and musicians is scheduled to take place in Spring 2018. The only problem is we need a venue. That is where you come in!

With the support of The Pledge Group Foundation, the Midnight Kids Academy is seeking to secure a venue and catering for the Midnight Kids Showcase. Please, join us in our efforts to promote urban arts as positive tool for change!

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