Did you know that the Department of Veterans Affairs predicts that by 2030 there will be more than 600,000 United States Veterans with Dementia? Don't worry if you didn't. We didn't either until Dementia struck the family of a Pledge Group founder. His grandfather and Air Force veteran - Michael Ricketts passed away as a result of the disease in early 2016. As you can imagine, The Pledge Group needed a channel for that energy and emotion. They found that with Dunk Dementia.

Armed with information and prepped for action, Dunk Dementia is an awareness group that is truly on a mission. Together with the help of The Pledge Group Foundation, the group is currently raising $5000 for Veterans Dementia Care and a text-to-give platform to sponsor Collegiate and Professional basketball games.

Additionally, Dunk Dementia has launched a viral media campaign with the hope of using their love of basketball to raise funding and awareness for Veterans Dementia Care and research. Show you support for our Armed Forces veterans today and donate below to contribute towards Veterans Dementia Care #DUNKDEMENTIA.