Fundraising Events

If there is one thing that we enjoy at The Pledge Group Foundation, it is talking about the charitable ventures that we are working on. Check out some of the Sponsored Events we have been working on below!


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Through economic research and feasibility studies, Give Crypto hopes to use direct cash transfers to help those in need around the world. Click to the right to Learn More and Donate!

Give Crypto

The Pledge Group is proud to announce a tangible step towards the future of philanthropy through its partnership with Coinbase co-founder, Brian Armstrong and Give Crypto.

Give Crypto is a nonprofit that distributes cryptocurrency to people living in poverty. Its mission is to financially empower people by distributing cryptocurrency globally.

Project #HereForYou

The Pledge Group Foundation is excited to announce our newest sponsored fundraiser Project #HereForYou! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of their two founders, Miriam and Anne, Project #HereForYou is changing the way we think about sexual assault and the impact it has on those around us.

After all, over the past few years, we've started talking about rape and sexual assault with more compassion and outrage than ever before. But few conversations center on PTSD - and how we can best continue to support those suffering from the psychological aftermath of rape and sexual assault within their communities.

Too many survivors of rape and sexual assault suffer in silence. We want to change that. We partner with artists and designers to create a subtle, but recognizable brand for survivors and their allies with the message: I'm #HereForYou. We're starting with laptop- and cellphone stickers.

We can't wait to be #HereForYou.

The#hereforyou stickers are available for purchase today at Be sure to check it out today!

The#hereforyou stickers are available for purchase today at Be sure to check it out today!

Looking to pick up some of the #HereForYou merchandise we talked about? Pop on over to the #HereForYou website to learn more about what they do and what they have to offer!