Vivacious: Promoting the Power of Friendship for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Julie Chrisley and Mauri Goens have that kind of friendship that will make you laugh during your best of times and laugh during your worst of times. They've got the kind of friendship that empowers you - makes you believe in yourself when you didn't know you could. Gives you hope, when you didn't know should have any.

That friendship was put to the test in 2012 when their families and those around them were pitted against Breast Cancer. From this experience, these two best friends from a small city called Alpharetta, Georgia started the Vivacious Fundraiser as a reminder of the power that women have to overcome this terrible disease. The pink and silver, handmade bracelets are a sign of the strength that we find in our friendships and in our togetherness in times of need. Join us today as we stand by our friends during Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Share this with your friends today!

Vivacious Bracelet (Pink & Silver)

With a beautiful silver ribbon and matching charm, the Pink Vivacious Bracelet is a sleek and stylish way to show your support in raising Breast Cancer awareness today!

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Proceeds of the Vivacious Fundraiser are donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and The Pledge Group Foundation in their pursuit of a cure for this disease. Special donations can be made to other institutions for Breast Cancer relief upon request. Just drop ups a line in your purchase and we'll make sure your funding goes to the Breast Cancer Charity of your choice. Click the button below for the full line Vivacious Bracelets!